04 June 2010

Cold Coffee?

While I was in Morocco for 27 months, I had a lot of time to daydream, and I came up with a few "Brilliant!" ideas.

Some of them were probably never going to happen, like my grand idea for a 5-story riad (Moroccan bed and breakfast) with a library and a floor with 20 dh beds for volunteers and Couchsurfers (and we would be the primary sponsors of the first ever Morocco Ironman race).

My other idea was to start a Starbucks. Or some other kind of American-style coffee place. This idea stemmed from the fact thatone of the things from"Amrrrica"was (a) iced coffee and (b) coffee that you can TAKE WITH YOU. It's a novel concept, taking food and eating it on the go, in Morocco. It's understandable, because food is used for socializing, and is a big event, so it doesn't make sense to people why you would not take time to enjoy the food. The same with coffee. It is served a la francais, it tiny tiny cups and is also a socializing tool. No one is in a hurry - like most Starbucks customers are - and so "fast" food is completely unnecessary. Well to everyone except for me, because I enjoy carrying my coffee with me.

So, since I can't (YET) bring Stone Creek or Starbucks to the cities of Morocco, I decided to bring my very own Starbucks Venti To Go Cold Cup Tumbler with me this time! I already have a thermos for hot coffee, but I'm going to be there in the summer, so I need to take that iced coffee with me. Joy!

My plan is to make friends with some server at a cafe near wherever I will be living in Marrakech, and hope that he can fill me up on the way to work. And by "fill me up" I really mean just give me two or three shots of espresso, and then I would add the milk (and ice hopefully). Or I could just make coffee myself at home, but that's too easy!

I will keep you updated on the iced coffee adventures!

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Corey said...

You never told me how much you would need in start-up capital. I would be interested in being an invester if you could present a reasonable business plan. Turn a profit and we're in business!