20 June 2010

Heading Off!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been busy since the 8th, buying gifts, packing, and getting together everything I need for Morocco.

Tomorrow we leave. I honestly can't believe I'm going back, more than I couldn't believe I was leaving. Everything in my life has been awesome lately, and I think part of me is just waiting for the bottom to fall out...

I also had two great little goodbye nights, one with my 2 best Milwaukee friends last Friday, and one with my 11 best DC friends this past Thursday. Everything is starting out so much better than 2007... and that was a pretty phenomenal start.

I have so much more to write, but I am exhausted from training (with and without our group of AMAZING students), and we have another busy day tomorrow, so I will update you very soon, inchallah, posting from Marrakech!

Take care of your heads (a literal translation of how you say "Take care" in Darija), and I'll catch my American friends on the flip side... and my Moroccan friends and family in less than two days!

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Fred said...

Wonderful, Colleen! Best wishes for your return to Morocco, and your forthcoming adventures! - Uncle Fred, Aunt Deb, Emily Julia and Hilary.