12 July 2010

The Red City

We've been in Rabat all week, working, studying, traveling, and bonding. Which leaves very little time for blogger-ing, sadly enough. But we're back in Marrakech, and were welcomed yesterday by a 111 degree day, joy!

A more in depth blog post coming soon, but one of my students is a great writer, and I couldn't help wanting to share this with all of you:

From the moment you arrive in Marrakech, you'll get the distinct feeling you've left something behind - a toothbrush or socks, maybe? But no, what you'll be missing in Marrakech is predictability and all sense of direction. Never mind: you're better off without them here. Marrakech is too packed with mind-boggling distractions and labyrinthine alleyways to adhere to boring linear logic. If you did have a destination, you'd only be waylaid by snake charmers, out-of-control donkey carts, trendy silver leather poufs and ancient Berber cures for everything from relationships to rent.

UPDATE: My student isn't such a good writer after all, just good at copying and pasting from Lonely Planet... sad.

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Ray said...

Hi Colleen,
I am not sure that this is how to send info to you, but I will try. I love reading about your work and am thrilled I have the "high -tech" skills to follow you! LOL. I hope you are enjoying the high schoolers. Are they adjusting to the Morracan culture well? Hope you didn't forget socks or toothbrush!! Stay away from the snake charmers, okay?
Love reading your blog...love you!
Uncle Ray