22 August 2010

Facebook Revelation

Welcome to the 12th day of Ramadan! I haven't been posting really, because nothing new of significance is happening. The Cordoba Project debate hasn't really gone anywhere, and summer + Ramadan in the Arab/Muslim world always means life and news slow down a little bit.

I did buy my ticket for my return to Morocco (yay!) so that I will be there Eid Sghir/Eid Al-Adha. In case you don't know, this is the second most important (single-day) holiday in the Islamic calendar, and in Morocco, I would liken it to a family holiday such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter - depending on your beliefs and when you feel the need to go visit family.

Yesterday, after breaking the fast with my mom at a tavern (I feel kind of proud I successfully turned down alcohol), I came home to do my usual quick Facebook scan, and I saw the strangest of pictures posted right next to each other:

Some of you may recognize these men, but since I try to protect privacy here, suffice to say that they are people from very different times in my life with very different effects on it. Still, somehow, I was struck by the simplicity and similarity of each picture. Although the "Christian" picture doesn't show it, I know from experience that there is a similar gathering of believers as in the first one, also probably sitting in a circle. In both, I also find a feeling of peace and hope in the actions I see. Yet, I am also slightly troubled because I am not drawn to one picture or another, but rather I am drawn to both because they were next to each other.

I guess that this post is mis-titled, because I really had no revelation here. More accurately, I found a kind of visual representation of my personal faith struggles. Enlightening or not, it is fun to share.

What do you think?

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