18 August 2010

Short Catch Up

(above, the best card i've ever gotten from an ex)

So when I came back to the U.S. after Morocco, Round 2 (3? I can't keep track...), I thought that I would have tons of time to update. Whoops. Turns out I went to Atlanta to visit some friends, and that having friends means you don't have time to sit at the computer all day.

The fasting is going well, and, surprisingly to me, I'm really enjoying it. It was so hard to fast two years ago when I was just sitting in my house by myself, hot and sad and alone (well, not ALL the time), but now, I enjoy the thrill of turning down food and water. It's not actually that much easier, but now, I enjoy the struggle. And, I enjoy even MORE the thrill of eating at "break-fast." I was at dinner tonight with family, and, trying to be good, I turned down alcohol. And I found I didn't NEED it. I mean, I was able to participate in the conversation and be joyful just because I was so grateful to have food. I know there are people that read this that don't believe in God, but that feeling of love and connecting right there, and the fact that it was heightened by the energy of my nourished body... hot damn, God was there. At least, for me, this act of fasting - or its end - brought me JOY. Take that, Cordoba Project aka Ground Zero Mosque naysayers! Islam is f-ing cool.

And now, for some interesting news stories:

An opinion about the Cordoba Project written by someone who isn't me, but who is very very much like me. Sadly, I have been I have too many open-minded friends, so this won't change anyone's mind... I mean, no one on my Facebook feed is a fan of the protests happening.

The first link I've ever recommended from Fox News. (American Muslim Leaders Visit Concentration Camps to Learn About Holocaust, Pay Respects to Victims) Am I missing some bigoted subtle commentary? Maybe the fasting is rotting my brain...

More information about AQIM (Al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb). Interesting to me because my friends couldn't get into Mauritania back in November 2009 because AQIM had kidnapped some tourists right before these girls tried to cross the border.

A really interesting article about Islam in Europe in 2030. It's taking me back to my 2007 undergraduate thesis on immigration. Also, according to this professor, the world will actually NOT end if Muslims become less of a majority.

Nothing too surprising here. Moroccan government being hard on suspected terrorists and being used by the C.I.A., but it always interests me when Morocco is mentioned in the NY Times.

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