23 September 2010

Life in the Small Business Sector

I was a youth development (YD) volunteer during my two years here, and although I'm a year away from that already, it's still a big part of my life. I still am friends with a lot of YDers, and I am and always will be interested in the issues concerning Moroccan and world youth. I talked a lot in my emails home about my experiences as a YD, so I don't know if I gave the many of you who got those emails a true, full picture of what life in Morocco is like for other kinds of volunteers.

So I'm posting a video here about the life of small business development (SBD) volunteers. Both to give you a better look in to how volunteers in general live - because there are many things we all have in common - and also in honor of my roommate, who came yesterday, and is still working as an SBD until Nov. 12th.

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