01 September 2010

News Roundup

Another post of news items relating to the Muslim/Arab world.

The "end" of the Iraq war has brought forth some good articles, and an especially good one from the NY Times with interviews from actual Iraqis. Sad that there are only two women interviewed. Just wish I could go there myself... not quite yet though.

A longer good one about Iraq (also my link to the interviews of Iraqis) and how depressing the situation is, in general, and how Obama is becoming much more of a side-stepping politician than we would have hoped.

Having ex-volunteer friends and college friends and high school friends in South Korea now makes me wonder what they would have to say with Paul Wolfowitz's comparison between it and Iraq.

I don't know if these Kenyans are Muslim, but this is the first of many articles I hope to post from a site that I just found out about, a humanitarian news network. It's good to see people responding to reproductive health efforts.

Is it obvious to others that the last say on the niqab/hijab should be from the women who wear them? It is to me, and it is to this blogger, as a reaction of a BBC video about increasing numbers of women who are choosing to wear niqab, and if they can still consider themselves British/Western.

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