15 September 2010

Prissy Little B***h Cheesecake

Since I am looking high and low for housing in Rabat, and I haven't had time to write some quality entries, I thought I'd provide you all with my favorite cheesecake recipe. When I was a volunteer, I worked at a spring English camp, and somehow, we became fixated on how much we missed cheesecake. So we journeyed to the Pizza Hut in Marrakech, because we heard a rumor that they had fried cheesecake sticks. Not quite the real thing, but close. But, since we went on a Sunday, we were out of luck, because the cheesecake wasn't going to come (on a truck from Casablanca) until Monday.

And thus began the great cheesecake-making journey. One attempt was made at my May 2009 "Long-Name Party" but failed on account of a floating crust. Other attempts fell similarly short. Finally, I found a suitable recipe. Suitable meaning, one that could easily be translated into Moroccan ingredients.

Why do I call it "Prissy Little B***h Cheesecake"? Because, at that same famed camp, we were privileged enough to be working with some of the most spoiled rich kids in Morocco. To relieve our stress, we wrote haikus about the children, the most memorable of which being:

Will you be a b***h?
Prissy-ness is not the way.
Please don't be a b***h.

And now, forevermore, do we eat this cheesecake, commemorating that most famous of English-language immersion spring camps.


Prissy Little B***h Cheesecake

2 packages Henri’s Biscuits (1¼ graham cracker crumbs)
1 small tub Vital Margarine (1/3 cup butter)
6 (200g) tubs Jebli cheese (1200g - 1250g cream cheese)
3 packets ALSA vanilla sugar (1 tablespoon liquid vanilla)
1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons white flour
3 (100g) Perly natural yogurts (1 cup sour cream)
4 eggs

1. Preheat oven (to about 140°C / 325°F if you can set the temperature).

2. Pulverize Henri’s – I use a Ziploc bag and a plastic cup for this. It’s a really good way to get out frustration, smashing these biscuits.

3. While crushing the Henri’s, soften margarine – I just put the closed plastic tub in a saucepan full of water, and by the time I’m finished with the Henri’s, the butter is usually soft enough.

4. Mix together Henri’s and enough margarine to make a kind of paste – you won’t use the whole tub, maybe a third or so – and press firmly onto bottom of cake pan.

5. Bake 10 minutes or until golden brown.

6. Beat Jebli, sugar, flour, and vanilla in large bowl with fork (or electric mixer) until well blended. If using a fork, soften Jebli before adding – I soften the same way I softened the butter, but less time.

7. Add Perly; mix well.

8. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing (on low speed) after each addition just until blended. Mix should be smooth and liquid enough to pour. Pour over crust.

9. Bake 1 hour 10 minutes or until center is almost set – top of the cake can be golden brown, but be careful not to burn. If your oven is uneven, rotate cake pan after 30 minutes or so.

10. Run knife or spatula around rim of pan to loosen cake. Refrigerate 4 hours or overnight – if you eat it while it’s still hot, it will fall apart, and the taste won’t be right.

11. Optional: top with fresh fruit, jam, or chocolate before serving. Berries are best!

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