22 October 2010

Saying Thanks

Sept. 27, 2010

Thomas Aquinas said “We must love them both, those whose opinions we share and those whose opinions we reject. For both have labored in the search for truth and both have helped us in the finding of it.” I read that today in a small red book, given to me during my First Year Orientation at Boston College. But today, I am very far from where I was when I received that book. Today I am on a a mini bus, boucing through the northern Moroccan countryside, leading a group of college students on a journey much like the one that I took 5 years ago now. Leading this trip has led me to think about Boston College a lot, because I was still in the midst of my Boston College experience when I was a participant in this trip. This is the trip, with the white walls of Chefchaouen, with my first glimpse of African poverty, with the fantastic energy of The Night of Power during Ramadan, that inspired me to choose the other direction at the crossroads.

I didn’t trust back then, that the road, the journey of life, would lead me somewhere good, would lead me to joy, to being content. I was sure my life would always be easy, and boring, and depressing. It wasn’t that I hadn’t been happy, but it was an imcomplete happiness. But what I didn’t realize back then was that I should have trusted in the people and the process by which Boston College was molding me. And now I know, because they led me to seek a lifestyle and a job that not only made me happy, but made me feel needed, they were leading me towards eventual joy. Because they tattoed the phrase “men and women for others” onto my brain and my soul, I now feel the joy and love that comes with community, service, and fufilling that responsibility towards your fellow man.

So now, as I watch the green fields of Morocco roll by, as I see young men walking in groups along dirt paths, as I see donkeys pulling over-stuffed carts of hay, and I feel at home, and I feel complete, I am realizing that I have to thank Boston College for this. They fixed me up, educated me, and then sent me out into the world to do good. And for this I am supremely blessed.

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