16 December 2010

Regulated Schedule

Heroic, Female, and Muslim - Muslim women are some of the strongest ones I know, and can still be so, even while embracing their faith.

You Can Dream: Stories of Moroccan Women Who Do - RPCV shows us some AWESOME Moroccan women.

Life in Morocco is now not that much different for me than life in America would be. I live in a 2-bedroom apartment, with a roommate. I have a job, I go out to dinner and caf├ęs and bars, I run 5 days a week, and I drink a little more than I should.

But there is the call to prayer, there is the constant staring by men I don't know, there is the omnipresent sight of trash piles and cats and stray dogs, there is the overpriced phone company, and the stolen internet from a guy named Yassine downstairs.

Back to similarities, my roommate just left to go home for Christmas. I have been wishing I could go since October, and I was kind of lonely and listless last night after she left. This morning, however, I woke up and decided that I was going to take this month that she will be gone, and use all the alone time to really improve myself. That's what people say they're going to do in the Peace Corps, and I never really did it. So now's the time; I'm going to:

  • pay my rent
  • study for the GRE at least 2 hrs every day
  • train for the marathon
  • do strength training
  • clean the house
  • apply for grad school
  • spray for bedbugs (again)
  • buy a new tablecloth
  • make a list of what i need to buy back in america
  • order new contacts
  • fix the tv
  • bake zucchini bread, pumpkin pie, carrot cake, and cinnamon rolls
  • update this blog more
  • read the books i brought with me
  • wake up before 9 every day
  • not smoke, and not hang around people who do
  • drink more water than i drink alcohol

I know, that's a pretty big list, but a lot of them are small things, and most of them - besides the running part - won't take me more than 2 hrs at a time. That leaves plenty of time for still being lazy and bumming around on the internet.

Get ready, it's gonna be a great holiday season!

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