31 March 2011

Another Week, Another Trip

I've been working a lot lately, having 3 trips almost back to back. But I'm still managing to do a good job, touch some hearts, and (hopefully) change some lives. Here is an email from a student on my most recent trip:

Hi Zineb!

Here's some of the pics that I took when we were in the RIF mountains, as well as the picture of us all at "Hope for Sale". Let me know if you need me to send them in another format!

Thanks again for being such a great leader. It was such an amazing trip, I already want to come back. I am also glad you shared your experiences as a volunteer, I have been thinking a lot since then about whether i'd like to do a program like that after graduation!

Keep in touch!

Hope for Salé, an organization on the "wrong side of the river"
that helps youth, ages 7 to 30.

Discussing village life and politics over lunch.

Going in for the couscous!

My students bought jellabas!

Antonio, the Spanish teacher, and Anas, the son!

Double tea pouring!

Anas with his frisbee... kid is actually pretty good.

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