08 March 2011

Positive Feedback

Back to work! Back to the blog!

Ok, so I am very very late on keeping this blog updated, but I haven't forgotten it. I keep seeing things, or doing things, and saying, oh! I should write about this in my blog. So, since I have less than a year left in Morocco - this time for "good" - I thought I should work on updating this more, and going back to my original goal of using this space as a Third Goal platform. Educate Americans about the people you served as a volunteer.

But first, I would like to share some really positive feedback I got from my past trip. I was surprised to get this feedback because I was sick with the worst cold I've had in years, and for the first two days, I couldn't think straight. I'm sure my thoughts were coming out in jumbles. And I did get some bad feedback about not providing enough historical information at the touristy sites, and someone did say I lacked enthusiasm. But I can take that and work with it, because of these two letters I received.


Hi Zineb,

I never got a chance to personally thank you for our trip. I know a major reason I got so much out of it in such little time was because of your organization and preparedness. I also really appreciated that you repeatedly provided us with unique insight and perspective about Morocco and its amazing people. From a logistics standpoint, the trip was nearly perfect. I remember doubting you when you said on the first bus ride that the trip was “like clockwork”, but it truly was.
It’s hard for me to describe the impact the trip had on me. Today in class, many of my friends asked me about the trip and I found it really difficult and overwhelming to verbalize the experience. I told them the only way they would truly understand is to visit Morocco themselves.

The brief time I spent in Morocco genuinely did make me rethink my future and question my real goals in life. I know the trip will influence my life for years to come and I have you to thank for facilitating that transformation. A and I are already trying to make plans to return. I think we both realized that there is much more to see in Morocco and it is almost not fair to spend only 3 days there.

Thanks again for everything. I (and others on the trip) truly appreciate your passion and organization.
***Handshake/heart touch thing***



Dear A (my boss),

My husband and I jreceived a very long email from our daughter, J, who just attended the Morocco Exchange trip this past weekend. She's a student at Syracuse Madrid. I just wanted to tell you that she had a fantastic experience. She had high regard for your guide, the 25 yr old former volunteer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (my home town!). Please thank this young woman for her hard work and enthusiasm in spreading the mission of your program, ie, the cultural exchange to foster peace and awareness of different cultures.. J said it was absolutely eye-opening for her. She was impressed with the Moroccan people, particularly the young people she met her age. J is a bio chemistry student at the U. of Colorado and has been thinking very hard about what she will do with this major in the future. Your Moroccan Exchange Program has caused her to clearly look at what she could do to help with world health (and other issues) by furthering her studies in bio chemistry and eventually "giving back" to others.

Thank you so much for easing my fears as a parent. Your program is very organized, insightful, interesting and thought-provoking for the students who attend.


E and S

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