27 June 2011


I'm back in the U.S. Coming here yesterday... and leaving on Saturday ...that was really hard. I can't really talk about what happened yet, it's too fresh. But it's really strange being back. I feel like I went to sleep last August, and just woke up today, 15 pounds heavier, after a really long and really strange dream. I guess that's good, that I feel comfortable here, but I want to make sure I remember everything I learned this year, everything that happened.

So I figured, what's the best way to keep Morocco "alive" for me than watch this new show called "Expedition: Impossible" These teams of Americans do an "extreme" race through the "wild" nature of Morocco. It's a wonderful show full of tens of thousands of eye-rolling moments. And nice little side comments by the Moroccans who are staring at these funny looking Americans. "Why is the gay team wearing knee high socks?" "I would never marry a woman like that!" Such good commentary, I kind of wish they would have hired a Marrakech guy to just follow them around and give the Moroccan perspective of what they are saying, doing, and wearing.

I'm not sure how I feel, in this episode, with the "snake charmers" as part of the race. Since I didn't live in the Sahara, I don't know for sure, but I doubt that that activity is authentic to that area. Then again, there are a lot of snakes in the desert.

We'll see if there is anything worth writing about next week....

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