26 September 2011

Bloggy McBloggerson

 So recently I was giving one my students advice about ways to learn about people's experiences abroad, and I told her to read blogs! Because I don't really have much to say right now about Morocco - as I'm living in Philly - here are some of my favorite blogs I follow(ed).

My friend Becky, a 40-something ex-journalist. She was in the southern part of Morocco, and now lives in Nebraska. A really good writer!

Another friend of mine, Erin, who lived in a really small town in the south of Morocco as well, and did a great project of building a women's center in her town... We all wish we could be like her: http://almaghrebalaqsa.blogspot.com/

A friend of my sister's from our high school. She is currently at the end of her two years, in a small town in Paraguay.

A friend of mine, Duncan, who was in the north of Morocco, near Fez. A very smart guy.

My current roommate's friend just went to Senegal. He is a horrible writer, but he's funny and tells the WHOLE truth - poop and bugs and everything. He still updates, usually once a week.

A gay friend of mine who was in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, she is now getting married to a divinity student in San Francisco. She has one of my favorite blogs from Morocco.

A girl, Lauren, I played flute with in college. She is in her first 6 months in Panama. She has no electricity, and barely any cell phone service in her town, but she seems to be really happy so far.

My friend Donniell from Morocco, her site is only 50 km from my old town in Morocco. She's really funny, and writes well because she went to college in Scotland.

A friend of a friend who is serving in Mali right now. If you go back to her entries from this summer, and earlier, you will get a very grim look of the worst parts of being a volunteer, but if you follow her entries until this week, you can see that she is SO strong and gets happier as the weeks pass. An amazing and inspiring woman!