28 June 2012


The problem with an intensive program is that we spend so much time studying, and thinking, and learning, and sometimes worrying about what we’re doing, that when I do have a free moment, a moment where I’m alone, or where I don’t feel guilty speaking too much English, blogging is not the first thing on my mind.  And for this I apologize.

But here I am, trying to write and trying to catch up on my blog.  It’s the first day of our weekend, Thursday, and last night I slept for 10 hours straight for the first time in months.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, I had very busy days (I’ll get to this) and I had only slept about seven hours between those two nights.

Another reason I have been putting off writing this blog is that I am going through a much more negative period of culture shock than I have experienced in a long time, maybe the most difficult bout in my whole life... maybe.  So I didn’t want this blog to be a place where I just complained, especially because I have learned the hard way (twice) that expressing my exact and detailed feelings here can get me in trouble.

Finally, I’ve been experiencing regular periods of absolutely not internet, so trying to update via the blog has been a challenge, because if I want to get things done online, I have to stay in this one place in our hotel for too long, and I’m usually doing homework which means no time to write.

So there you have all my excuses for the lack of communication over the past three weeks.  And now back to your regularly scheduled entries about Oman and our life here.

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