28 June 2012

A New Song

Wednesday in our Poetry Club (after "school" each day now for the past two weeks, we've had either Sports Club, Calligraphy Club, Women's Dance Club, or Poetry/Song Club), we talked about nationalistic Arabic poetry.  Rather we touched on it briefly, listening to the Omani National Anthem, as well as a Tunisian nationalistic poem.  I rather wished we had read some of Mahmoud Darwish's more nationalistic works, because I read some of them in English, and would like to start better understanding why Arabs love him so much.  I know it's because of the way his poetry is, but even if I understand that logically, I don't understand it emotionally yet.  But I digress...

Much of what I enjoy in my life, as far as art is concerned, is melancholy.  Of course, when I need a pick-me-up, or am celebrating the awesomeness of life, I like a good happy dance song, but most of the time, the melancholy or the pessimistically optimistic, really speaks to me.  So, with this in mind, I'm sharing with you my favorite song/poem that we've talked about so far:

This is apparently a very specific kind of Omani poetry/song that only old men sing.  Either way, I enjoy it because of it's melancholy, most of which comes from the L3oud instrument being played, and the way the voice of the man singing blends with the single string instrument.  I'm not quite sure what the song is talking about, but they mention the words of love, and of years passing, and so that was enough to give me the (maybe overly sentimental) image of how life in the desert was before Oman experienced modern development.  I could be wrong, and I could be projecting what I want the song to be about, but either way, this song is now on my "Arabic Favorites" playlist of my iTunes, and part of the soundtrack of my life.


[ جَــوهرةٌ مَـكنونة ] said...

شكـراً لوجودك معنا يا جميلة..!
متشوقة أنا لسماع القائك للقصيدة التي اخترتيها.!
و مستعدة للتدرب عليها سوياً.

yousuf said...

I was reading your Blog..Cool.I love it .I am always on a hunt for Oman Articles, Reading blogs on Oman .I love Oman..I wanted to share your you tube Vedio on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/sultanqaboosbinsaid but i also not understand the song but i love it. it touched my soul.I will make my omani friend hear first then i will post on my Page.