02 June 2012

We've Arrived!

After two days of orientation, we are in Salalah!  Muscat was hot and mildly humid.  Hot, as in, 120 F or so.  Salalah is hot and ridiculously humid.  Hot as in 90 F or so.

Things to be thankful for:

Oil money... things have far surpassed Morocco in terms of economic development.

Air conditioning... thanks to the oil money, we are so blessed to have air conditioning in every hotel and vehicle, and even building.

Starting school... tomorrow we start learning, with a dialect lesson.

Peace Corps... even though Moroccan dialect is not very close to standard Arabic, my speaking confidence and ability to recognize words is great.

Pools... our group gets "exclusive" access to the pool  everyday from 5pm to 7pm.

Internet... our hotel in Salalah, where we will be living for the next two months, has much better internet than the one in Muscat.

Gchat... Skype is illegal in Oman, but I am hopeful that the Gmail function will work.  I am 8 hours ahead of EDT.

More updates soon, and pictures, inshallah!

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