03 July 2012

Camel's Milk

On one of our weekend trips, we took a (long) drive to West Dhofar, and on the way, we ran into (almost literally) a group of camels hanging out on a bend in the road with their herder.  Do you call a camel guy a shepard?  Anyway, here are the obligatory camel pictures, so you don't think that we're not in the Middle East or something.

Oh hey camels.  What's up?
A one week old camel, say "aww" all at the same time.
Why hello there!
Inshirah loves camels!
Rivers of milk... but no honey.
Zach takes a breath before going for a second gulp!
My roommate, isn't she cute!
Still drinking, yum!
Here's me, and Michael's reaction, which is probably more priceless.

In all seriousness, it was great to have the opportunity to drink camel's milk, even though I wasn't the biggest fan.  I love cold cow's milk, but this was straight from the camel, so it was warm and frothy and surprisingly salty.  As a group, I think most of us didn't love it, but there were some people who thought it wasn't that bad, and some people who loved it.

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[ جَــوهرةٌ مَـكنونة ] said...

لــن آنـسى كل هذه الأيام..
شـكراً لكم لأنكم جعلتكم لأيامي طعماً آخـر.. شيء من الفرح و المرح و الإستفادة.

أحلى لقطة هي آخر صورة.. شكل مايكل و هو متقزز من الحليب,!هههههه