12 July 2012

News-y Thoughts

Look!  A blog post in English!

Requests have come in for me to translate the previous four entries, and hopefully I'll get to that soon.  Until then, however, I'm going to post a few news stories I found relevant and interesting to my life in the Arab world.  Hope some of you have time over the upcoming weekend to check them out.

Facing the music: Morocco's tenuous balancing act
Corruption remains a primary mechanism of political power and ever present in the lives of Moroccans.  Another article about post(?)-Arab Spring Morocco.

Saudi Campaign Against Ibadis
So one thing I did not know about Oman before I came here was that the majority of the country follows a non-Shia, non-Sunni version of Islam called Ibadism.  In fact, I am ashamed to admit I had never even heard of Ibadism.  But, apparently, it used to be really big, back in the day, and now Ibadis are a rather under-the-radar minority.   When I figure out what exactly the differences are, I'll get back to you, but I've so far discovered that they are different in the way they imagine God.  Some have told me they were the precursor to Sufis, and others have scoffed at the idea.  Either way, they used to be as far west as (you guessed it) Morocco and thus, once again, Oman and Morocco are connected in my life!

Oh, and by the way, this is from the "Angry Arab News Service" so you know (just from the title) that it's rather biased, but still, informative and a different point of view than your average news.

More about Omar Offendum,
this time from Rolling Stone.  'Cuz I can't get enough of the guy.  Previously mentioned here and here.

Stories of Iraqi Refugees
During the fall, I volunteered on and off for the Penn Law School's Iraqi Refugee Assistant Project.  They've posted some powerful video on their website.  Take a look.

10 Things Most Americans Don't Know About America
Ok, so this one has been making the rounds on Facebook and the blog-o-sphere in general, but I still think it's important to repost.  I actually have a lot of problems with a lot of what is being said here, but still, in the big picture, I agree with the article.

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