21 July 2012

Why Muslim do Ramadan

"During Ramadan, we fast to starve ourselves – starve us of our egos, our materialism, and our individualism. During Ramadan, we experience, together, the realities of an empty stomach and the realities of a fed soul. Make the most of this month and make the most of those around you. Learn about your fellow Muslims, fast your shyness. It is in the sunnah of the Prophet that when you meet someone for the first time ask them their name and where they are from. Join in taraweeh and make the most of your nights, especially during the last few of Ramadan. Starve yourself of your lethargy and avoidance of the Qur’an. Fast your tongue, your eyes, your ears and your hands. Create a routine out of this holistic fasting so that by the end of Ramadan, you have certain habits which have become a part of your general etiquette. Use this Ramadan, this very one which is fast approaching, to renew your intentions regarding yourself and to use each and every pillar of Islam with such sincerity that it becomes a sewn piece within your heart and mind. Don’t let Ramadan end at the first of Shawwal. Carry this into Shawwal, Dhu al-Qi’dah, Dhu al-Hijjah and throughout the year until we find ourselves here again."

Sana Saeed "On the Eve of Ramadan"

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