14 August 2012

Pop Tops

One of the smaller, lighter, more amusing differences between Oman and the U.S. (and Oman and Morocco) that I noticed during my two months in Salalah was the exclusive use of pop tops!

Do you know what pop tops are?  I actually think that both ways of opening a can of soda used to be called pop tops, but I’m not really clear on the terminology.  Maybe it’s just a Midwestern term....

Some of the younger people on our trip had never seen them before, but I remember them from the late 80s, before, I think, the environmental regulations came into play and we stopped using them in the States.  I particularly remember them on the pineapple juice cans that my mother put in my lunches.

There’s not too much of a difference between the pop tops that they use in Oman, and the “normal” way of opening a can that we have in the States, concerning function.  The older kind can be used to make pretty great chains if you are under the age of 14 - the newer ones you have to keep together with a string, but the older ones you can just fold over each other [PICTURE????]

The problem, however, with the older pop tops, is that they come off of the can.  And then you are stuck with this sharp-edged piece of aluminum, and usually, no where close to throw it out.  Most of the time, I would just hold on to them, and put them back in the can when I finished, but sometimes, like in class for example, it was very awkward to hold onto the pop top.  I know, I know, first-world problems, but the problem was, more so than the awkwardness of holding onto the pop top was the danger of what would happen if you threw it out.  You could totally miss the trash can, or, if you were of a less-concerned-about-litter mindset, just throw it on the ground, and then, like I often saw, there would be these little sharp-edged pieces of aluminum everywhere.  They could easily piece through a flimsy sandal, or if indoor, catch someone’s bare foot when they weren’t looking.

Do I sound too much like a PTA mom?  Perhaps, but that’s what happens when you cut your big toe on one of these suckers.

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[ حـمامـﺓُ سَلـامٍ ] said...

Hahahah, i laughed from my heart.!

is this mean that we are... in Oman!