18 April 2013

"Planting Seeds"

Planting Seeds
Christina Najla LaRose

After finishing
     a bottle of rum
Touma woke up in
     the ER thinking
of the spring garden
     his father planted:

seed packets, plant starts,
     saplings into soil,
sun beading seat, sprawled
     acres, trees blooming.

He decided if
     he had to grapple
with the unyielding,
     he would choose the earth.

In his garden, weeds
     overtook boundaries,
engulfing roses,
     then tree roots toppled,
branches bowed, and then
     the pests abounded.

His father once bought
     sunflower seeds and
one sprouted at the
     garden's edge, became
six feet tall - what a
     spindly, gangly thing.
How quickly it grew.