20 July 2014

Another Return to Murrica, Another Intestinal Bug

Last sunset over the Mediterranean

So clearly my attempt to blog every other day while in Beirut failed, and my grand ambitions of beginning the blogging on the plane also failed - gosh darn you traveller's tummy - but never fear.  As a Millennial, I have a near-compulsive need to share my experiences in the "public" eye, and thus I am planning a blog series.  I have a list over a page long that I hope to be able to turn into some kind of useful and interesting reflection.

Suffice to say that this trip out of the US reminded me why I do what I do, why the Arab and Muslim worlds continue to fascinate me, and how I need to work harder to be better at being a pseudo-intellectual.  I was getting into an unhealthy rut here, in the US, of drinking and television and other forms of mindless entertainment, and I could feel my brain atrophying, and yet could not seem to care enough to do much about it.  As I told family in a text, this trip has intellectually invigorated and inspired me to do better and to be better.  That and the fact that the bad news from many quarters jolted me out of my self-imposed exile from the world.

I hope you are as optimistic about the future of this blog as I am, and I look forward to feedback, discussion, and debate.

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