09 January 2015

A Video Speaks A Million Words?

This blog is one of those "I'm poking my head up for air" blogs... I'm in the middle of training now, but I wanted to share two videos that my wonderful colleague Garrett has made for us at CorpsAfrica/Maroc.  Garrett is our design-thinking expert/consultant, and has become a true friend to us at CorpsAfrica and to me as well.

The first video he made for us back in October, and it features our first group, and his first time training Moroccans.  It features the song Zina by Algerian singer (group?) Babylone that was a huge hit in Morocco over the past year.

The second video feature the second training he did for us, and features the song Lulla by the Touareg group Tinariwen, as well as Dima Labas (Always Okay) by Cheb Khaled.

Catch you all on the flip side, where I hope I get a chance to talk more about our wonderfully inspiring volunteers.

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